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T.R.I.P. 001 - Introduction
T.R.I.P. 002 - Meet Spike Slater!
T.R.I.P. 003 - Meet Michael Lortz!
T.R.I.P. 004 - Camping!
T.R.I.P. 006 - Meet Monica!
T.R.I.P. 007 - Meet Emily Nipps!
T.R.I.P. 008 - Meet Carrie Bailey!
T.R.I.P. 010 - "What's With The Blacks?"


Raw Charge is the SB Nation affiliate that covers the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning. I'm a "senior correspondent" now, so I don't contribute as much as I used to, but here's all the stuff I've ever written on that site.

SUMMER AT SOUTHSIDE - The new comedy/music album from John Jacobs is currently available for pre-order at iTunes and will be available for full release on December 10 at iTunes and I'm not actually on the album singing, but somehow I show up in some of the videos (see above). John's a friend and this is big for him, and possibly the rest of us in the Tampa Bay Comedy Family, so I'm happy to support it.



Listen to that time when I was on this show and people said nice things about me and we cracked wise about current events that will no longer be current by the time you listen.


These dudes are bad. Bad clothes. Bad hair. Bad attitudes.
From the secret files of The Kitsch Bitsch ... we present ... The Unbelievables!

Here's a link to the old Ridiculously Inconsistent Trickle of Consciousness, the blog that started... well, pretty much everything good that's ever happened to me. It's closed now, but you can still read it.

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LOOKING FOR PROFESSIONAL VOICE TALENT? - Don't bother shopping around; you're not going to find anyone better than Vivienne Brown. Extremely creative, versatile and talented, she can do more than voice work. She has extensive experience with on-camera and stage acting as well as writing, editing and producing. She's also flexible and committed to delivering nothing but excellence to any project she works on.

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Broadcast live weekly (usually) and published later as a downloadable podcast, the Spike On The Mic Show is a "caller-driven" show (please, never call) where current events and nonsense are discussed in-depth and at length.


Optometrist and Web Designer/Internet Marketer Sandi Eveleth's podcast is about developing meaningful connections and harnassing the power of social media. I think farts are funny.

"A RIDICULOUSLY INCONSISTENT TREASURY" - The award-winning 'best of' collection of various writings pulled from my blog. It's a real book with a cover (front AND back!) and pages and everything. Ranked in the top five million books available on Amazon in terms of sales! Purchase it here and they will send it to you in a sturdy box or maybe a flimsy envelope. How should I know? Do I work for Amazon? No, I do not.

But now there's a New Trickle, replacing the old blog!

BILLY'S GOT A BAD BRAIN - From writer/director/producer Tony Gaud comes this comic/horror tale. "Student volunteers are disappearing but no one seems to notice. The indifference is the perfect cloak for Dr. Billy Brackett (Gaud) as he dispenses questionable experiments on his college subjects all in an effort to save Becca (Helen Keaney), his comatose wife. As Billy slowly descends into madness, Professor Arthur Bixby (Clark Brooks) is tasked with evaluating his mental health, but may soon find himself in the middle of a mad scheme."

"ACCIDENTALLY FUNNY: LIVE FROM FLORIDA" - I was the host when Steven Lolli shot his comedy special in Tampa in 2015. I've already been paid so I don't make any money if you buy this. Presumably Steven Lolli does, though. And if he makes enough money, and some of it comes from this ad, maybe he'll give me more work in the future.

So, you know, buy it.